We use only fully licensed insurers. We use a consortium of insurers for our various product lines, some on a subscription basis. We fully appreciate that subscription policies may add some complexity to claims settlements, however we have found that it provides much greater long term stability and availability of coverage to our clients. Numerous programs have failed in the past when a single carrier abandoned the class.

We do not offer territorial exclusivity to any broker anywhere in Canada. We will deal with any properly licensed broker/agent. We endeavour to treat every broker fairly and equally.

Brokers/agents are required to maintain proper licensing in the appropriate province(s) as well as in force Errors & Omissions insurance and Fidelity Bonds as required by their provincial authorities. We reserve the right to require proof of licenses and/or insurance at any time.

We do offer exclusivity on an individual risk to the first broker submitting a completed application form within ninety (90) days of expiry of the Insured's policy. We will not quote to more than one broker at a time on the same risk. This exclusivity is for the current renewal term only.

We consider all Application Forms submitted to us as our property. We do not share information that you submit with other brokers or other parties, however it does form part of our "historic file" on the risk.

Application Forms:
Application Forms are available on our website as required by each individual product line. As our rating, quoting, and policy issuance system is in many cases 100% automated we generally cannot accept any application formats except our own. Please inquire further on a case by case basis if you are unsure about the acceptable application process.

Please note that new business quotations will not be provided without the appropriate completed and signed application material. This is true of renewals as well, though we may supply abridged forms to assist in the process.

Broker of Record Letters:
We will recognize Brokers' Letters of Authority, however only to the extent that they authorize us to deal with a new broker on behalf of the client. Exceptions may be needed pursuant to licensing agreements. We will not provide the new broker with copies of a prior broker's submissions, quotes or correspondence.The newly appointed broker will be required to submit new Application Forms on behalf of the Insured. The risk will be underwritten based upon this information.

We cannot accept any B.O.R. which includes a Waiver of Responsibility. Brokers writing any account are responsible for the coverage(s) as requested and bound.

Client Contact:
With the exception of Announcements or News Bulletins published by us, which are applicable to a particular Insureds business, we do not contact your client directly. All communication with the Insured regarding coverage, loss control, renewals and claims is the Broker's responsibility. If an issue of notification includes a potential E. & O. situation we may ask you for confirmation that the client has been advised. Our website contains archived newsletters, various forms and summaries of product extensions and benefits.

From time to time we may send marketing communications to individuals in your organization. These communications may be by e-mail, phone, postal mail, or other channels.

Brokers/agents may not bind coverage or sign documents on our behalf. Within our pre-agreed parameters we will bind coverage the same day that you request it. Please be aware that if the coverage requested falls outside of our authority we will have to obtain insurer approval which may take time.

Please do not confirm any coverage to your Insured before we confirm it to you. Renewals must be ordered prior to the expiry date of the policy. We cannot hold covered or extend policies. Time on risk will be charged to you, the broker, on a Short Rate basis. We cannot backdate coverage.

Premium Payment:
Our payment terms are full payment of the net premium within 30-days of the effective date of the policy. All payments are due based upon our records. Reconciliation of differences is the brokers/agents responsibility and full payment is due during any period of resolution. Payment plans, delayed payment terms or finance arrangements are agreements between your office and the client. They do not change our payment terms.

Where applicable we will ask for your Provincial Sales Tax License number. Without this number on file, we will bill you for any sales tax due.If timely payment is not received from your office, we will cancel policies by Registered Letter for non-payment of premium directly to the Insured.We do not "hold covered" nor extend policies. Any coverage bound will be charged to the broker for time on risk on a Short Rate basis.

Loss Control Surveys:
Independent loss control experts may be asked to inspect your Insured's premises. Reports are filed with the underwriters and recommendations made. RESPONSE to every recommendation is mandatory. We realize that some recommendations may not be practical or effective in certain situations but a review and response is still required.

Summary of Coverages:
Our combined Property & Liability product packages are comprehensive and complex. It is impossible to include every term or condition on the Declarations pages of the policy. However, in order to help the client understand the policy and to assist you in your marketing and counseling efforts we endeavour to include an Executive Summary of the key current benefits, extensions and limitations of the policy with every quotation, new policy and renewal.

Please read the summary and advise your client to read it too. Please take particular note of specific coverage deductibles, limitations or time limits and ensure that your client is aware of them and implements the appropriate Risk Management steps.

Remember that any summary we provide is abbreviated and for informational purposes only.

They do not replace or substitute the actual policy wordings, and it is strongly recommended that you and your Insured familiarize yourselves with our policies, asking us for clarification when necessary.

Indemnity and Save and Hold Harmless:
Broker/Agent will defend, indemnify and save and hold harmless MedThree, including its directors, officers, and employees, from any and all claims, losses, damages, judgments, demands, suits, actions, complaints or other proceedings, including but not limited to legal fees, in any manner based upon or attributable to anything done or omitted to be done, or anything allegedly done or allegedly omitted to be done, by the broker/agent, its directors, officers, employees, agents, subcontractors or volunteers, in connection with the services provided, purported to be provided, or required to be provided by the broker/agent related in any way to the purchase or placement of a MedThree policy, product package or program by or on behalf of your client.

Policy Wordings:
We endeavour to provide all of your Insureds policies to you in Digital format, making it easy to make extra copies as Required.

Extensions of Coverage:
Like most policies, the automatic Extensions of Coverage are amounts of insurance, inclusive in the Property insurance limit, which may be applied to specific defined expenses. Most extensions do not increase the total limit of coverage. Please refer to the policy for specific terms.

Your office should report all claims to us as soon as is possible.It is important when reporting the loss that you provide us with enough information (including a preliminary estimate of the loss) to allow us to decide on the best course of action.

Additional Insureds:
We do not add multiple "Named Insureds" to our policies, nor do we "name" Additional Insureds. Additional Insureds for vicarious liability and additional payees such as equipment lessors for property may be covered by blanket clauses, where available and practicable in our policy wordings. However we reserve the right not add specific names to our contracts.

Unless stated specifically in the policy, we do not automatically cover any SUB-CONTRACTORS for either property or liability losses in our policy. Sub-contractors are independent businesses and are expected to carry their own insurance, and to include the contractor they are performing work on behalf of as an Additional Insured. In the case of "usual" sub-contractors such as independent food and beverage concessionaires, Certificates of Insurance are required.

Other Businesses/ Other Insurance Products:
MedThree has developed unique product lines based on very niche areas of insurance. This is to give you and your Insured the benefit of 1) coverage tailored to fit their requirements; 2) product expertise & superior service; and 3) competitive pricing. As a result your client may require other coverages to round out their entire portfolio. Unless the business is directly related to the Insured, we usually cannot add it to our policy. You will have to arrange this coverage with your usual markets.