Committed to Brokers

We are business owners just like you. The only difference is that you are our clients and we want to help you serve your clients. We pride ourselves as being the single source MGA that provides complete and integrated insurance solutions for the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries; and along with our commitment to provide unique solutions.

We want to see our brokers succeed in every way through.


Our on-line technical platform that instantly manages an entire insurance policy from application to document issuance. This automated technology helps brokers administer high-volume (slot-rated), low cost policies, effortlessly and profitably, with virtually no paper work, leaving them time to concentrate on more complex policies. For the client/insured, this means they can apply and purchase insurance on-line, at their convenience, and receive instant coverage and documentation right to their inbox within minutes.

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Our goal is to bring our brokers the best products because we understand that the more specialized the risk the more customized a solution needs to be. We are proud to underwrite on behalf of our markets and appreciate their loyalty and trust in our team. 


We are a fully staffed MGA, with underwriters who specialize in the Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry along with analysts and technical support staff to handle any unique situation with great expertise. We also have dedicated emails for claims and submissions with real people behind them to help you along the way. Even our claims and applications are created for you to be able to complete and submit on-line saving you time.


As part of our commitment to staying abreast of the ever-changing dynamics our industries, we provide our brokers with well researched Risk Bulletins to help them identify risk and learn strategies to mitigate them. We also write opinion pieces that help brokers understand the nuances of our industry from the MGA/broker perspective.