The healthcare industry incorporates regulated, and non-regulated health professionals and practitioners, as well as the physical office space / healthcare facilities, where care is provided.

Healthcare Professionals

MedThree (Effective January 1, 2023, MedThree Insurance Group operates under South Western Insurance Group Limited) offers full coverage for Regulated Health Professionals and Non-regulated Practitioners for both their personal professional liability, and clinic or office needs. We also cover voluntary/mandatory structured solutions for Association Programs.

Healthcare Professionals We Underwrite:

Healthcare Facilities

MedThree (Effective January 1, 2023, MedThree Insurance Group operates under South Western Insurance Group Limited) understands the complexity of multi-disciplinary healthcare facilities including the coverage nuances where the entity utilizes independent contractors. We have the ability to provide solutions for risks ranging from acute care facilities to community care using both claims-made and occurrence based professional liability coverage based on risk and exposure.

Healthcare Facilities We Underwrite:

  • Hospitals and Surgical Facilities
  • Medical Clinics (multi-disciplinary)
  • Diagnostic Labs
  • Retirement Residences
  • Assisted Care Facilities
  • Long-Term Care Facilities
  • Home Care and Community Care Organizations
  • Healthcare Retail Operations/Pharmacies
  • Weight Loss Clinics
  • Spas Treatment Facilities
  • Holistic Modality Clinics

If you would like to speak to our underwriting specialists, please contact any of the following:

Darlene Hazzard 416-642-6977 ext.1244 Vice President, Professional Lines
Tom Eager 416-477-4511 ext/ 1109 Director of Underwriting Technology Services
Eugene Wangyal 416-477-2377 Senior Underwriter/Team Lead - Senior Care
Stephanie Santa 416-371-8433 ext. 1261 Senior Underwriter
Sam Chu 416-477-7893 ext.1105 Senior Underwriter/Team Lead - Allied Health
Wangchuk Lhamo 416-952-0717 ext.11144 Junior Underwriter
Anne Marie Buena 416-477-2388 ext. 1104 Junior Business Analyst
Jayanth Ganesh 647-952-3882 ext. 1115 Underwriter
Samuel Tunji-Ajayi samuel.tunji-ajayi@swgins.comm 647-952-3883 ext. 1116 Underwriter, Health Care
Irina Pamela Segami Yagi 416-477-1869 ext. 1108 Underwriter - Health Care

Our coverage spans:

  • Medical Malpractice
  • Professional and General liability (combined form)
  • Clinic, office, and facility package policies (property, boiler, crime)
  • Cyber/Privacy Liability (first party expense reimbursement and third party liability)
  • Legal Expense Insurance (Regulatory and Commercial)